Skill Levels


Tours are suitable for riders with no experience to an average fitness level. Flat to moderate hills and descents are typically and of short duration. Trail surfaces are relatively even with occasional obstacles on trail (rocks, roots, sand).


Tours are suitable for riders with good to excellent fitness level. Some type of regular mountain bike experience is recommended. Trail surfaces may include uneven terrain and narrow trails, singletrack, with occasional obstacles (roots, rocks, sand). Hills and descents are moderate to strenuous and require some skill that can be either ridden or walked. Riders who bike weekly with good mountain bike experience and  have basic road biking skills or a strong fitness level, along with an adventurous spirit, should be suitable for an intermediate tour.


Tours are suitable for experienced mountain bikers only with excellent fitness and strong bike handling skills. Riding is primarily on rough fireroads with frequent obstacles or high elevation and narrow singletrack. Sections of trail can be very challenging with frequent ascents and descents of significant length. Riders at this level should be regular mtb bikers that ride 2-3 types per week. *Please call and talk with us before booking this advanced tour.